Thursday, 16 November 2017

Crunch Munch Salad

Hello All,

Back after a long break, here is the recipe I would like to share for all those people having more or less amount of deficiencies in iron and calcium. Especially for ladies who do not care much feeling they are tired or restless just because the amount of work they have all day. Having the recipe I am sharing below would rather give more of a fresh feeling all the day. Lets cut to the main recipe and here it is:


  1. Freshly chopped cucumber                                                     
  2. Freshly chopped red carrots
  3. Freshly chopped tomatoes
  4. Freshly chopped coriander and mint
  5. Freshly grated beetroot
  6. Freshly chopped Strawberries
  7. Freshly chopped black/red or green grapes
  8. Pomegranate
  9. Fresh Orange deseeded and cut into pieces
  10. Pumpkin  seeds
  11. sunflower seeds
  12. Chopped pistachios
  13. Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  14. Honey
  15. Salt as per taste.
Mix all the above ingredients in a glass bowl then add honey and sprinkle some salt.
Add lemon juice and give it a good mix. Refrigerate for few minutes and serve chilled.

Note: You can even add sprouts and beans in this salad to make it more nutritious.
          Any fruit or vegetable available can be added as per choice.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z For Zombie Cocktail

Hello friends,

Today as we conclude our challenge would like to share one cocktail recipe for all cocktail lovers!!!

Last but not the least  Z For Zombie Cocktail..

This drink basically includes 4 types of juices and 3 types of rum.

Lets see the recipe.


1) Fresh orange juice 2 oz
2) Fresh pineapple juice 2 oz
3) Fresh apricot juice 2 oz
4) Fresh lime juice 1 oz
5) Light rum 2 0z
6) Dark rum 1 oz
7) Bacardi 151 rum 1/2 oz
8) Sugar 1 tsp


1) Mix all the ingredients except bacardi 151 in a tall cocktail zombie glass.
2) Add ice and shake well.
3) Top with bacardi 151
4) Decorate with lime or orange slice and sprig of mint.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y For Yoghurt...

Hello all,

And now today my recipe is one which is so tempting and totally refreshing!!

My all time favorite..

Yogurts i love you all a lot!!

Nowadays we get many readymade yogurts but still i prefer the homemades..

Simple and short recipe..lets go for it!!


1) Milk
2) Plain yogurt
3) Milk powder
4) Any seasonal fruit pulp ( i choose mangoes)
5) Powdered sugar.


1) Take milk in a deep pan.
2) Heat till lukewarm.
3) Add milk powder and stir properly.
4) Add pain yogurt and let it set for some hours.
5) Take this yogurt in a soft cloth and hang for 1 hour till         maximum water is strained.
6) Now add powdered sugar and fruit pulp and mix slowly.
7) Set in bowls and serve chilled.

Monday, 28 April 2014

X For Xotic Fizz...

Hello guys,

An today one of mine all time favorite drink Xotic Fizz..

Hope you all will enjoy it as I do!!

I tried it by my own on one of my party and I was really shocked to see that it was a great hit!!!

So sharing it with you all...


1) Fresh orange juice
2) Fresh cranberry juice
3) Fresh pomegranate juice
4) Fresh lemon juice
5) Carbonated water
6) Cherries for decoration


1) Pour these juices separately in ice tray.
2) Make the juice cubes of each juice separately.
3) In a glass take one cube of each juice and add carbonated water.
4) Xotic fizz is ready. Decorate glass with cherries.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

W For Watermelon Punch..

Hello all,

And now we are almost heading to the and of the April

To hot summer and need something very easy to set and refresh..

Here is the easiest of all recipes..                                                          

W For Watermelon Punch...


1) Watermelon deseeded and cubed.
2) Lemon juice
3) Sugar
4) Ice cubes


1) Take watermelon cubes, lemon juice and sugar in a blender.
2) Blend till smooth.
3) Serve over crushed ice.
4) Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Note: You can always use Glucon-D ( original flavor) instead of sugar.


Friday, 25 April 2014

V for Vanilla Moccha Frappuccino...

Hello All,

Today I have a complete refreshing combination for you all.

I have selected Vanilla Moccha Frappuccino

I tasted it first time in the Starbucks cafe and tried it at home with some alterations.

And enjoyed it like anything!!

This ones for you all folks...Enjoyyy!!


1) Milk
2) Condensed Milk
3) Vanilla ice cream
4) Instant coffee powder
5) Choco chips


1) In a blender add milk, condensed milk, vanilla ice cream.
2) Add coffee powder and blend till smooth texture appears.
3) Float with vanilla ice cream.
4) Decorate with choco chips.
5) Serve chilled.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

U for Ugli fruit Mock Tail

Hello guys,

For our today's letter I have selected a very uncommon but a totally delicious drink.

U For Ugli Fruit Mocktail..

Even if the name says Ugli but the fruit is so juicy,sweet and tempting.

It is basically from the family of Oranges, tangelos and grapefruit.

We may not get it everywhere but we can always substitute it by an orange or grapefruit.

And the recipe is as follows:


1) Fresh Ugli Juice.
2) Fresh Pineapple Juice
3) Fresh mint leaves.
4) Fresh Basil leaves.
5) Sugar
6) Water or Soda Water.
7) Ice cubes


1) Mix Ugli and pineapple juice in a blender.
2) Add sugar and blend properly.
3) In a tall glass add crushed ice, pour mixed
4) Add basil and mint leaves.
5) Top with soda water.
6) Enjoy it chilled.